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The 10-Pound Weight Gain

There is no doubt that the food is plentiful and delicious aboard ship - so it pays to move a little during the week if you don't want to diet as soon as you get home! Cruise lines offer plenty of healthy choices as well, however, so it's really a matter of portion control and not eating six times a day (easier said than done!). Of course, you could always work out in the gym (never did!), take an exercise class (not so much!), go skating (hey! I'm not in Canada anymore!), swim (pretty crowded in the pool), or, if all else fails, take the stairs instead of the elevator (we did a lot of that!).

Cruise ships have moved beyond the standard dining room and main buffet options to include plenty of spots for snacks and quick bites and, more recently, specialty restaurants. In fact, there are at least 20 places to eat aboard Harmony of the Seas. We tried a couple of the specialty restaurants, where you pay a cover charge, but the food was very good and gave us some variety. One of the neatest places we went to was called Wonderland, with a creative menu, theme and decor that Lewis Carroll would have been proud of. Imagine, for example, using a paintbrush and water to reveal the menu!

There is an option to purchase a dine-around package that would save a considerable amount if you wanted to eat in specialty restaurants. Well worth the investment in my book.

And once you've finished eating, you can check out the entertainment - something Royal Caribbean really prides itself on. We saw a Broadway production of "Grease," an aqua show called "The Fine Line" that was absolutely spectacular (in the same vein as Cirque du Soleil), a skating show that was a story unto itself, and a musical farce that featured some great performances. All that in the space of a week - plus great musicians, comedians, dance performances, etc. We're going to need a vacation after our vacation!


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